Salunkhe Exports Pvt. Ltd is a merchant exporter with a strong supporting manufacturer of seeds for all kinds of vegetables like Chili (Hybrid), Capsicum, Lady finger ( Hybrid F1), Reach Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd etc. These hybrid seeds are produced under the supervision of horticulturists, who are well aware of the methodology of seeds production.

Substantial investments in R & D have been made by our manufacturing units to produce superior varieties to meet the customer needs. Its trial grounds are located in different agro climatic zones of India. Our products are tested thoroughly at recognized Government laboratories to ascertain the quality of the seeds. Only those seeds, which pass the stringent tests are exported.

Our team consistently strives for excellence in research, production, quality control and distribution of seeds.

Stock of Seeds
Seeds of the Vegetable Quantity in Kilo Grams
Chili (Hybrid) 50
Capsicum 50
Lady finger ( Hybrid F1) 1500
Reach Gourd 600
Bitter Gourd 700
Bottle Gourd 1500
Ash Gourd (F1) 200
Red Pumpkin (F1) 200




Vigorous and early hybrid have good resistance to powdery mildew. Medium long 10 to 12 cm. fruit length, attractive dark green colour with dense toothing.

Bitter Gourd (Green Gold)

Vigorous and it is very productive, early and attractive fruits with white colour, resistance to powdery mildew, medium long fruits length 12 to 14 cms. with excellent toothing and good keeping quality.

Bitter Gourd (White Gold)

Days to maturity 60 days, smooth day soft faint strips, fruit length 20 to 25 cms. blackish green colour. Excellent hybrid high yielding and attractive fruits.

Ridge Gourd (Sahydri)

Vigorous growth fruit size medium long, weight 100 to 115 gms. Fruit length 10 to 12 cms. High yielding capacity of above 100 to 150 quintal per 100 % , attractive yellowish green colour.

Cucumber (Green)

Vigorous growth fruit size medium long, weight 90 to 100 gms. Apex and bottom size are equal, high yielding capacity of above 100 to 150 quintal per 100 % attractive white colour.

Cucumber (White)

Meena-10 is our front-line hybrid, where no compromise has been made on fruit quality and to bring in low incidence of yellow vein mosaic (YVM). The pods are tender, glossy deep-green, silky and five angled. Low crude fiber and high total sugars, iron and phosphorous content makes this variety as excellent choice for nutrition conscious. A good yielder.

Bhendi (Meena-10)

Arka-Anamika has a similar lush green fruit. Every plant has 18 to 20 fruits. Good virus tolerance, high yielding and having short internodes distance.

Bhendi (Arka-Anamika)

Sel- 11 First Picking starts in 50 to 60 days from sowing. Colour of fruits, dark green. Gives profuse branching. Having very good virus tolerance. Can be grown round the year. Hybrid has good productive ability. Fruits having 8-10 cms. length with 5 ridges.

Bhendi (Sel-11)

Vigorous and early hybrid have good resistance to yellow vein mosaic (YVM). Fruiting begins from 4th- 5th node and first picking starts in 40 to 45 days. Pods are glossy green and 5 angled. Harvesting of pods at immature stage (usually forefinger size) would fetch good market premium as also better harvest.

Bhendi (Mahak)

This hybrid combines high yield with earliness, uniformity and tenderness of long stumpy snap fruits. Commands highest market premium, because the fruits remain very tender for quite long time. Normally, first female flower appears on 8th node, fruits are ready for harvest in 60 days from sowing. Average fruit length 90-95 cms. with 7.5 to 9 cms. diameter and weight 1 to 2 Kgs. at harvestable.

Bottle Gourd (Padam)

Total duration 120 days, fruits are medium ablong size, waxy white colour when they mature, fruits weight 6 to 7 kgs. Maximum flesh and white colour.

Ash Gourd (Sumo)

Bhushan is an extra early verity of compact plant habit having fleshy spines short internodes. Small fruits (avg. 50 gms.) of most attractive purple colour contrasted by white strips and imposing appel-green succulent calyx with thickened thorns. Fruits have rich flavor. As plants naturally produce abundance of fruits, harvesting at early young stage (Approx. at 6-7 cms. polar length) is recommended as this variety bears seeds early. A prolific cropper.


Tiger is as ablong fruits with light green and blackish green strips. It is very high yielding water melon with very sweet testy and juisy. It is having very good red colour crispy, crystal flesh.

Water Melon (Tiger)

Black trupti after sowing round shape fruits with blackish green colour. It is very high yielding hybrid water melon with dark red colour, sweet testy and juisy.

Water Melon (Black Trupti)

Days to maturity 60 days, smooth day soft faint strips, fruit length 20 to 25 cms. blackish green colour. Excellent hybrid high yielding and attractive fruits.

Sponge Gourd (Komal)

It is very vigorous growing, high yielding and maximum fruits, having light green colour. Fruit shape rounded and weighs 400 to 500 gms. Duration 115 to 120 days. Powdery mildew.

Tinda (Globe)

Creamy greenish colour beans, marketable size of fruits become ready after 50 to 55 days from sowing. High yielding vegetables.

Dolichos Beans (Star)

Our modest research contribution to the Tomato processing Industry. This world class hybrid is determinate with compact / good foliage. Fruits are medium sized (avg.75 gms) with uniform green shoulder, most firm (TSS>5) smooth cylindrical in shape and excellent in colour *(ATC 45). An early uniformly maturing, consistently high yielding variety with very good holding ability. Sunscald affected and other damaged fruits are bound to be low in this variety.

Tomato Hy. (Kohinoor)

Shoulder is a round and ablong fruits colour on maturity yellowish green. It is very high yielding. Fruits weigh 10 to 15 kgs. residency to powdery, mildew vigorous growth, maturity 100 to 130 days.

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